Internorm HF410
Internorm HF410
Internorm HF410
Internorm HF410

Luxury Timber / Aluminium Window

And then there was HF410.

The timber/aluminium-clad window that transformed the way we look at windows. Our high performance window boasts countless possibilities. Incredibly low u-values, endless internal timber colours and a range of superior I-tec technologies to make your windows work for you and your project. Our HF410 window is available in 4 perfected design styles Studio, Home Pure, Home Soft & Ambiente. Each design style is crafted to suit a specific property style. All of which you can find details here.


The I-tec Core.
Show-stopping performance.


Our HF410 timber/aluminium-clad window showcases precision engineering throughout the entire core. Our Austrian factory processes thin glued timber layers, a process commonly found from super stable roof beams and supports. This effective process exhibits a multitude of benefits constructing this superb, high performance window that really is the best of the best. The HF410 I-tec core layers ensure excellent load bearing properties which allow you to create larger window sizes, creating beautiful picture windows that flood your home with natural light. The combination of timber layers makes your HF410 considerably more humidity resistant, much more durable and so much stronger. This strength allows us to slim down our window sight lines and introduce more natural light to your home.


Windows with I-tec Glazing.

One of a kind.


We've taken all round glass fixing and we’ve raised it. Our Internorm I-tec glazing system delivers all out performance. Our Internorm windows have always been the best in form and function, however the team of designers behind the HF410 have taken it to another level with their process of all-round glass fixing. The process starts with the glass. Your Eclaz coated triple glazing is precision installed into the frame. The remaining gap between the glass and the window is filled with adhesive and afterwards, this glue joint is concealed beneath the decorative cover bead. This process establishes an all round fixing, with no gaps, producing a super thermally efficient and soundproof window.

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Internorm Colours

Luxury Timber / Aluminium Window

The natural choice.
The best of the best.

Timber is beautiful, there is no denying it. However, combine timber with our innovative I-tec core, our Aluminium clad technology and our Eclaz triple glazing and you create a powerful high performing window or door that really is the best in Europe. All brought to you by Internorm by Lakes & Dales. You will find a collection of timbers that boast beauty in every setting, whether it be a traditional cottage and our HF410 Ambiente window or an ultra-modern HF410 Studio window. Choose from a whole host of colours, designed with your interiors in mind, from brushed oaks, smooth larch and spruce or painted timbers in a choice of RAL colours, you can be sure to find the perfect combination of timber and Aluminium for your new project.